Monday, May 2, 2011

What to do with Αα?

Let's start with Αα.

You can print out this Giant A and colour it, paint it, lace it, do some collage with confetti, magazine cut outs, coloured rice or even lentils with your kid! This is a great exercise for including younger kids too!

For older kids you can try and fit as many Aa's as possible in one page! It is important to not try and correct your child's writing at an early stage, just encourage her to write more and make sure you print out one for yourself to show her the right way of writing it!

Feeling adventurous? Try and fill in the missing letter here! Of course it is always the letter Αα in this particular file. This gives older kids a sense of accomplishment as they manage to both write the letter and complete a word!

You can use the pictures to play the game of naming the picture. Kids identify the object and relate it to the initial letter. This will help them remember the letters, what they look like and connect them to a particular sound, the sound of that letter. Maya and I use these cards to play when we are out and about and we need some good and educational distraction!

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