Friday, December 28, 2012

In preparation for the new term!

The end of the first term found us in a festive mood, singing Greek Christmas Carols and making Christmas decorations and Greeting Cards! We had a lot of fun in our classes.

The first term however had been an amazing journey for both students and us. Our preschoolers have been enriching their vocabulary and learning how to read and write too! Our primary school students have been working on their expression, vocabulary as well as their grammar with lots of creative, fun and original exercises. Our High School students have been gaining confidence in the way they speak Greek and have massively improved their grades in Greek. Not to forget our adult classes of course where our students learn how to practically include Greek in their everyday life! As for us in Greek4Kids we are ever so proud and amazed by our students and their progress. Continuously inspired by the children, we strive to create more fun and engaging material to help them achieve their goals!

This is what this period is all about here at Greek4Kids! We are resuming classes after the Christmas holidays but in the meantime we have been working hard and with enthusiasm to create new educational material. We really can't wait to have the students back in class, happily working on the new and exciting classwork. Lots of new games and worksheets for you to print out and use at home with your little ones too. Stay tuned for the posts to follow!

Here is a 2013 yearly calendar to help you get organised for the new year! Get your little one to colour the different seasons and teach her the months!