Sunday, November 24, 2013

Countries and capital cities

We have started incorporating some general knowledge games into our lessons. Here is the first one!

A selection of country outlines (here you can find a collage of some of the countries my students come from or can relate to but of course you could make your own collage) on an A3 size printable.

In a different printable you can find their capital cities.

You could laminate the two printables, cut out the capital cities, stick some blue-tac and get your children to pin them on the right country outline.

We have also printed out famous landmarks from each city to add to the learning experience. However, you could use flags, photographs of loved ones who live in these cities or even foods or really anything that you may want your children to relate to.

You could colour the country and the capital city the same colour to help your children learn them.

Which country would you like us to add?

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Awards and certificates

My students love their awards as much as they love the contents of our prize box! I am looking forward to the look on their faces when they see all their hard work being rewarded!

This year I have made awards for all the different achievements my students can reach and it has worked wonders with the individual areas I want them to improve. The awards look amazing and the children feel very proud holding them!

You can purchase the set of 8 awards here