Sunday, September 23, 2012

Flashcards: Farm Animals

Children love animals!

Use these colourful flashcards to teach them the farm animals!

Practice their names by playing these little games with your little one:
  • What sound does the γουρουνάκι make etc? 
  • Ask them to pick the right flashcard.  
  • Talk about the different foods these farm animals like.
  • Tell them what each animal does in the farm! 
  • Print them twice and play a memory card game!
  • Make a poster using the flashcards.

There are so many games you can play! 

You can find the Farm Animals Flashcards on our shop!

How about trying this craft with your child? Click on the picture to get instructions on how to make each one!

Happy learning!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Greek Nursery Rhymes Booklet!

Greek4Kids first booklet is out and it is featuring the most popular Greek nursery rhymes! Colourful illustrations and themed colouring pages accompany each nursery rhyme.

Remember or learn some Greek nursery rhymes and sing them with your child. Teach them new vocabulary by pointing at the colourful illustrations. After each nursery rhyme, you will find a colouring page for your little one to colour! The perfect exercise to help them practice the vocabulary. 

It is a 28-pages, A5 booklet which fits in their school bag, nappy bag or your purse! So it's perfect to take out with you!

Click on the picture or here for a preview!

If you would like to order a hard copy, please email Alternatively you could order an electronic copy to print out yourselves!

Have fun learning!

Choose your copy

Monday, September 3, 2012

Flashcards: Weather

This week's flashcards are about the weather elements. The sun, the rain, the cloud, the snow, the lightning and the rainbow! Cut them and laminate them for extra durability. We love to place them on our Weather Corner. We have made a frame where, on a daily basis, we highlight the flashcard that best describes each day's weather!

You can find our Weather Flashcards on our shop!