Greek4Kids is an original and creative way to learn Greek.
We offer the following classes:

  • Parent and baby: These classes are ideal for children aged 1 to 2,5 years old. The toddlers are accompanied by their parents and they both benefit from the class. The lessons are tailored to the needs of toddlers and the parents participate. It is the perfect class for the parents who want to bond with their children through an activity that will help them familiarise themselves with the Greek language.  
  • Preschoolers: The ideal class for bilingual children or children who have Greek as a secondary language. In small groups, children aged 2 and up learn Greek through stories, songs, games and crafts. The children enjoy a creative session where they are encouraged to develop their imagination, vocabulary and team spirit. They learn Greek without even realising!
  • Creative Expression Workshop: If you are looking for a class to encourage your child's imagination, love for books and writing as well as their vocabulary and use of the Greek language then this is the perfect class for them. In small groups, children read stories, experiment with concepts such as the environment, friendship, fiction and many more. They brainstorm ideas, enhance their vocabulary and learn to work as a team. Creative Expression Workshop is available for ages 4-7 or 7-10. Groups for native speakers/advanced learners as well as intermediate students of the Greek language.
  • Greek4Adults: Have you ever thought of starting learning Greek or had started learning it in the past and thought it is boring, hard or just not for you? Join today our small, highly personalised groups and discover how learning Greek can be fun! Whether it is conversational everyday Greek or business Greek you wish to learn you can join just the right group for your needs!

For more information call Miss Eri on 96649737 or send an email at info@greek4kids.eu