Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Alphabet Bingo Greek style!

Who doesn't like Bingo?! Lots of fun and excitement! Alphabet Bingo is just the game for a family or friends gathering. Practicing the Greek letters is the added bonus! :)

Play the game by printing out all the letters of the Greek Alphabet found here (uppercase or lowercase for variation) and placing them in a pouch or a box big enough for your hand to fit. You could print them on card paper for added durability. Then print out those Alphabet Bingo Cards, write letters in the boxes making sure you don't put the same combination of letters in two separate cards and that you don't put the same letter twice on a single row and voila! Your Alphabet Bingo Greek style is ready to play!

Get your homemade popcorn and refreshments and enjoy a game or two!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Οο to Ττ - colouring pages

Another set of letters to add to your Alphabet Colouring Pages Booklet.

Enjoy colouring, painting or doing collage using different materials or cut-outs while learning the letters and the new words. The following and final set of letters will become available later this week!

Have fun with the letters!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Back from the holidays!

Επιστροφή από τις διακοπές!

Greek for Kids has been on holiday! We are now back and ready for more fun learning and Greek language games and activities.

While on holiday we have been exploring the seaside. We have played with the sand, the waves, the pebbles, we have made castles and sandy paths for our crabs, starfish, trucks and boats to travel from one castle to the other! What have you been doing on your holiday?

Let's colour some pictures and remember our time at the beach this summer!  

Word trivia:
In Greek, when someone gets back from their summer holidays they are greeted with the phrase καλό χειμώνα, which means have a good winter.

Καλό χειμώνα everyone!