Thursday, March 31, 2011

Alphabet fun!

Let's play with the Greek alphabet! Sing the song, cut the cards, colour the letters, laminate them, put them up your kitchen wall, mix them and put them back in the right order!

My three year old daughter is singing the Greek alphabet song here. She is really proud of herself - she can watch the video over and over again! It is quite easy to learn thanks to the catchy tune that suits the alphabets of most languages. 


At this stage kids learn the alphabet as a poem, they may even be able to recognise the individual letters. This singing exercise helps them familiarise with the sounds of the Greek language. 

Use the cards when you sing the song, spread them on the floor or your table or stick them on a wall and point at the letters while singing.   

For added fun you can find the jigsaw version of the alphabet here. Just cut the pieces and play the puzzle!

Have fun!  

You can purchase the alphabet flashcards and jigsaw puzzle here.

You can purchase
You can purchase