We absolutely love Greek4Kids classes. My daughter who knows Greek, still learns new things. Eri's attention to each child in these small group classes ensures that each child is individually challenged. Emma loves the lessons and frequently comments how they are her favourite of all.
Vanja (Emma's Lunch)

"I take my 3 yr old to Greek4Kids classes and she loves it. I then hang around for an hour afterwards for a bit of Greek 4 Adults which is great too! Eri is a brilliant teacher and makes learning enjoyable and fun for Children, and adults, alike!"
Sam Barnes

"I love this site. I am trying to teach my children the language at home and with Greek school. I was wondering if you knew of any "good morning" songs to do in Greek. I would love to start off a lesson with it. Thank you for blogging and I hope you continue."

"These are great! My kids are preschoolers in Greece and even though Greek is our native language we love your resources"  
Stella (asterakislings)

"Hi, am so glad to have found your blog (through Emma's Lunch). I've spent so long trying to find materials online to help me to teach my 2yr old Greek."
Emma (A matter of choice)

My first web find is Greek4Kids! It addresses mainly preschool and early primary school kids. You can find printables with the letters. It is a fairly recent webpage and I have been following as the available material online continues to grow. Every time they upload something I get so much joy! It is perfect for my little ones ages group! Hats off to the owner of the web!A really big thank you for your constant work!
eliza (off to a nation of two plus one)


  1. Chrystalla (Nicholas' Mum)May 31, 2012, 11:09:00 PM

    I ask my little one every week what he has learnt and he doesnt say but he does say he likes his Greek lessons and Miss Eri. This evening whilst trying to get him to sleep, he suddenly came out with a nursery rhyme in Greek about walking in the forest and something about a fox, it was so sweet but i would like to know the words myself. Please can you put them on the site so we as parents can join in with our children. Thank you Eri, you are doing a great job.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words Chrystalla! I am glad Nicholas is enjoying his Greek4Kids lessons. I will post more songs on the site very soon! Is this the song Nicholas was singing? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEbrVGemqks It is about walking in the forest and bumping into the big bad wolf.

    Having the parents joining in with their children is one of Greek4Kids' priorities. I am starting Story Time Fridays at Greek4Kids. Would you like to come along with Nicholas to listen to the story and sing our songs?

  3. This is a great blog with plenty of resources for Greek teachers. As a Greek teacher, I find this site very helpful and I strongly recommend it to parents and students as well as to other teachers and tutors. Great job!

  4. This is a great blog for Greek-as-a-Second-Language resources. It's a great help for teachers and tutors. As a Greek School teacher and private tutor in Greek, I strongly recomend this site to parents and students as well as other fellow teachers and tutors. Great job!

  5. Thank you for your kind words Alex! It means a lot coming from a fellow teacher. I am glad you and your students are finding the material useful and enjoyable!