Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Open Day!

Greek4Kids is having an Open Day session
this Friday 30th September
from 3pm to 5pm!

Visit our classroom at the  

Have lots of fun 
painting, singing, listening to stories and playing fun games 
 with other kids 
while practicing your Greek! :)

Parents are welcome to stay and play with the children, 
meet and chat with the teacher (miss Eri).

See you all there!

Monday, September 26, 2011

This is the way!

Another song to sing along with your child! You can use this song when she brushes her teeth, when she combs her hair, when he gets dressed to go to school or washes his face in the morning.

A lovely song about daily routines that can be sung to the tune of "This is the way...".

Click here to download the printable to laminate or even add it to a booklet where you would keep all the songs for your little one to sing!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Greek4Kids Registration Day!

Greek4Kids Registration Day!

When? Friday 23/09/2011, from 3pm to 4 pm

Where? At the Foundation of Cultural Creativity for Children and Young People, 81-83 St.Lazarus str., 6020 Larnaca

Come to meet the teacher, have a look at Greek4Kids classroom and enroll your child!

More on the numbers

This is a lovely activity and it will get your child hooked on the numbers! Cut out the numbers (symbols and words) and then stick them on the wall at an appropriate level for your child to be able to reach them and pick them up. Shuffle them around and then help your child put them back in the right order and match the symbol with the correct word!

At the beginning you can use the colour matching version (click here for symbols and words). This way your child will practice the numbers and the respective words for them by matching the colours. Later or for children who can already recognise the words you could use the B&W version (click here for symbols and words).

Alternatively you could play this game on the floor or even take it with you when you go out for more fun learning!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Five Little Ducks - Τα 5 παπάκια

This is a lovely song to practice the numbers. It is called "5 παπάκια". You sing it to the tune of the nursery rhyme 5 little ducks

 Use the printable to laminate it or print it on a card paper and hold it for your child to look at it while you are doing the singing. It is a very cute song and you can do some lovely crafts to accompany your singing too!

My dear friend Vanja has a lovely blog called Emma's Lunch, full of craft and other child-friendly activities! Great inspiration! Here is an easy tutorial on how to make a very cute chick that you could use to make your own little family of Mummy Duck and Ducklings. Make sure you search through her blog for more fun, adorable, child-friendly activities and ideas!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Lessons start in October

Greek for Kids is offering classes for children aged 3-7 
in Larnaca.
A great way for kids to learn Greek 
through crafts, songs, games and other fun activities!

For non-native speakers, 
kids with a bi(tri)lingual family background 
and even native speakers-preschoolers who want to enhance their vocabulary!

First 5 to enroll will get a 50% fee discount for a whole year!

Call Eri on 96649737 for more information on the course.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One to ten - learn the numbers

Learn the numbers from one to ten in Greek!

Use the flashcards to help your child familiarise with the numbers in Greek and learn to recognise the words for them. When you show each card to your child encourage him to count in Greek the pictures he sees. Mix them up and play the sorting game! You could even print them out twice and make it into a memory game by turning them upside down and finding the pairs!

Print out these colouring pages and get colouring! Fill in the blanks with the missing letters to practice spelling the numbers correctly. This is for the older kids who have started learning how to write the letters. You may skip this exercise with younger kids.