Saturday, September 17, 2011

Five Little Ducks - Τα 5 παπάκια

This is a lovely song to practice the numbers. It is called "5 παπάκια". You sing it to the tune of the nursery rhyme 5 little ducks

 Use the printable to laminate it or print it on a card paper and hold it for your child to look at it while you are doing the singing. It is a very cute song and you can do some lovely crafts to accompany your singing too!

My dear friend Vanja has a lovely blog called Emma's Lunch, full of craft and other child-friendly activities! Great inspiration! Here is an easy tutorial on how to make a very cute chick that you could use to make your own little family of Mummy Duck and Ducklings. Make sure you search through her blog for more fun, adorable, child-friendly activities and ideas!

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