Thursday, October 11, 2012

Colour of the week: red

We all love colours! They brighten up our day and set the mood! Children enjoy all activities related to colours. There are so many concepts you can teach using colours. 

In this new feature you can find  a different colour every week and a matching activity to do with your little one.

Here is a fun mosaic to do with your child. Cut out black felt and red tissue paper and stick  them on this cute ladybird! Alternatively you could use this as a colouring page.

Have fun learning!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Poster: My face

This is one of the posters we use in class when we learn the face. Print out on an A3 page and hang it on the wall. Visual stimulation and games help children to actively learn new vocabulary and builds up confidence.

Try playing different games:
  1. Point to the different parts on the poster while saying the word in Greek and ask your child to point to their ears, nose, eyes etc
  2. Cut out the different parts (eyes, nose, mouth, cheek etc) and take turns placing them correctly on the head. There is only one rule: You have to shout out loud in Greek the part of the face you are placing, otherwise it won't count!  
  3. For older children you may cut out the actual words in Greek and get them to place them correctly on the poster. 
  4. Try scrabbling the letters and get the children to put them back in the right order. This will help them learn using the words as well as placing them correctly.
Combine this activity with a face colouring page and get your child to draw their own facial features.

Have fun learning!