Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Alphabet Bingo Greek style!

Who doesn't like Bingo?! Lots of fun and excitement! Alphabet Bingo is just the game for a family or friends gathering. Practicing the Greek letters is the added bonus! :)

Play the game by printing out all the letters of the Greek Alphabet found here (uppercase or lowercase for variation) and placing them in a pouch or a box big enough for your hand to fit. You could print them on card paper for added durability. Then print out those Alphabet Bingo Cards, write letters in the boxes making sure you don't put the same combination of letters in two separate cards and that you don't put the same letter twice on a single row and voila! Your Alphabet Bingo Greek style is ready to play!

Get your homemade popcorn and refreshments and enjoy a game or two!

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