Sunday, May 8, 2011

My preschooler is learning Greek

We live in Cyprus and we speak Greek at home with our two daughters. They both attend an English kindergarten. My 4 year old is fluent in both Greek and English. She has a very rich vocabulary and a great sense of grammar and syntax in both languages. What about reading and writing though?

She has started learning the English alphabet at school and the Greek alphabet at home with me. She knows and can identify all the letters of the Greek alphabet and when you spell the word to her letter by letter she writes it on my laptop - she is really good with the computer! So we follow step by step the same fun exercises and the same language and alphabet games you can find on this blog. This is her journey to learn reading and writing in Greek too! These are her first experiences with written Greek. I am amazed with the memory, the dexterity, the dedication and the progress! She loves colouring and enjoys singing the alphabet song and pointing at the letters.

Here is another fun alphabet game we love to play! We use the alphabet cards you can find here, to play the put the letters in alphabetical order game! Maya loves this game and is always very proud of herself when she manages to sort them (with a little help from mummy!).

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