Tuesday, May 17, 2011

At the dinner table

Food time is a great opportunity for your kid to explore new tastes, colours, learn good manners, bond with the other members of the family and - why not - do some language learning without even realising it!

Today's printable is part of our food series and it can be personalised by your child. He could paint it, do some collage, glue real food on it (raw preferably!) such as lentils, pasta, rice or stick food pictures on it and you can then take his art and laminate it. And...voila! Your child's got her very own personalised placemat to use at dinner time! You could also help her make one for every member of the family and use her imagination to customise it.


Don't forget to learn the new words! Here is the audio for them. Your child could also teach the other members of the family!

Bon appetit!

P.S. Maya's creation to follow, stay tuned!

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