Thursday, May 5, 2011

Take Greek to the beach with you this summer!

Now that the summer is near we love to go to the beach. The weather is lovely but we still don't dare go into the sea (brrr, a bit chilly still) so we play outside with our beach equipment (sand bucket, shovels, moulds etc) and tons of sand and water.

What a great opportunity for some fun learning! Write letters and draw images on the sand (simple images like the sun or a fish) and encourage your child to tell you the first letter or even write it - one for older kids.

Summer and beach related words that your kid will easily associate with your beach outing and remember are:

  • άμμος - sand
  • νερό - water
  • θάλασσα  - sea
  • ήλιος - sun
  • κύμα - wave
  • κουβαδάκι - sand bucket
  • κάστρο - castle
  • ομπρέλα - umbrella
  • καπέλο - hat
  • ψάρι - fish

Check here for their pronunciation!

You could write down each word on a piece of card and then get your child to match them with the right item/concept. To make it easier and more fun you can avoid choosing words which start with the same letter so that your kid doesn't get frustrated. It's easier for your child - at the beginning - to concentrate on the first letter of the word. Once they identify the sound, they will match it to the sound the letter makes.

Roll on summer! :)

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