Saturday, May 7, 2011

Αα - Δδ: Colour the pictures

Preschoolers enjoy colouring a lot! I know mine does! Now it is the time to experiment with lots of different colours and through them learn new concepts. Why not learn the Greek letters this way?

This is the first of a series of printables for your child. She will come across a new letter on each page plus a few words which start with that letter accompanied by an image to colour. Today's printable is for letters Αα to Δδ. You could make this into a small booklet when we reach the last set of letters. Just print all the letters, plus a cover page and staple or bind them to make a small booklet! You could also use this booklet as a travel colouring book which will entertain your child when out and about! This exercise is mainly for preschoolers who have just started learning the letters. You can help them memorise the sounds by repeating the words and the letter they begin with.

Here is Maya's letter Αα:

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