Friday, August 17, 2012

The fish song - Το ψαράκι

This is our newest addition to the Nursery Rhymes series. It is a lovely nursery rhyme, based on the English nursery rhyme Once I caught a fish alive.

It helps children learn the numbers from one to ten. Ask the children to sing while counting with their fingers.

You can get the children to make fish out of card paper and hold them while singing the song. They can imitate the fish's "lips" with their mouth. You can use a blue bed sheet as the sea and let the children help their paper fish "swim" in the sea.

Here is a version of the ψαράκι nursery rhyme.

You can combine singing this song with a fish craft or a story about a fish. Here is a lovely rhyming story about a fish who is afraid to swim:

Ένα ψάρι που δεν ήξερε να κολυμπάει.

Have fun learning!

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