Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back to School Checklists!

Another school year is approaching! It is such an exciting time for both children and parents! For some families, this marks the beginning of primary school, a very important milestone in a child’s (and a parent’s too!) life.

A few of the Greek4Kids students are starting primary school this year so we have put together a guide/checklist as well as a few tips for the families to help them manage the practical side of things! You may use this checklist not only for first graders but as a general checklist for primary school as well. Check it out to see if you are on track!

Now it is the time to start doing your school supplies shopping. If your child's teacher has not provided you with a list, the Greek4Kids list may help you decide what to buy.

Here is a mini version of both lists. You may print it and stick it on the fridge.

If you are anything like us and enjoy making your own lists, then you can download a blank list (the mini version).

Have a lovely time preparing for school!


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