Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Greek4Kids out and about: ELC playtime

Here at Greek4Kids we encourage play! Play has an enormous role in our children's lives and its benefits are unique.

Most of our activities are based on fun learning. Playing is an integral part of our lessons. You can use our printables, our games, our exercises to teach your child or students Greek through play. What about other fun ways to promote learning?

An outside the class or home environment can enhance learning and offer new possibilities. Children absorb new knowledge very quickly and are readily open to new stimuli. In our effort to provide you with more fun learning opportunities we are starting our new feature:  

Greek4Kids out and about. 
Places you can visit, such as the beach, the theatre, the library, a restaurant, a museum, a playground, a store, a friend's house, a local event etc.

We are starting this series of posts today with a weekly playtime session:  
Tuesday playtime at Early Learning Centre.
Every Tuesday, 4:30 pm to 6 pm

At ELC stores around Cyprus 

Cost: Free  

What is it all about:
One and a half hours of free play, crafting and browsing books with your little one.

Our thoughts:
We particularly love the book corner where you can sit with your child, read a book, flip through the pages and discuss the pictures. A fantastic opportunity to teach your child new words, talk about different concepts and trigger their imagination! 

Another favourite is the farm and jungle animals stand where you can play with the different animals. practice their names and different sounds they make and even role play by setting up a farm for them! 

The crafting table is a great opportunity to get creative with your little one. Teach them the colours, the different textures or craft supplies and let them express themselves. 

A great opportunity for parents to spend some quality time with their child, although it may not be suited for children older than 7 due to the nature of the toys and books.


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