Saturday, August 2, 2014

Topic Saturdays: Geography

Saturdays are dedicated to something more than the Greek Language. Saturday posts are all about culture. We are going to explore different aspects of the Greek culture together, always in a fun and creative way. Let's see how well you know the Geographical Regions of Greece!

This is an A3 printable that you could print in A4 as well. Cut the rectangles with the names of the different geographical regions (left hand side) and stick them on the map. If you laminate the paper and then cut the rectangles, you will be able to make this into a re-usable activity for home or school use.

What other topics besides Geography would you like to see featured on our Topic Saturdays?

You can find the Geographical Regions of Greece on our shop. You may opt for a digital or hard copy. The hard copy is printed on glossy paper and has velcro attachments (behind the rectangles and their place on the map) for re-usability. 

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