Thursday, May 3, 2012

Classroom Material: The months

At Greek4Kids we have just got our own premises and are in the process of decorating our very own classroom! Such an exciting process! I love every aspect of it, but most of all I enjoy making the display material! We're still in the early stages, so stay tuned for our classroom pictures!

We have created lots of useful material to put up on our wall. The children love a colourful classroom and we never miss a chance to educate and stimulate children through visual content. So, here is the first of this new series of Greek4Kids' free printables, which will be made up entirely of our classroom's posters.

The months! A colourful header featuring different weather elements as well as the title: Οι μήνες του χρόνου - Months of the year. To accompany the header, you can add the months, all in individual colours. You can print, cut, laminate them and you are set to go! Print out the orange arrow and get the children to move the arrow according to the month you are in!This can be a great addition to your home learning wall too!

Happy decorating!

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