Saturday, March 10, 2012

Nursery Rhyme: Our good old cow

This week's nursery rhyme is an all time classic.

I learnt this song at kindergarten as a child and I was surprised to hear Maya singing it one day after school!

It is about a cow and its precious milk.

Here is a video of Maya singing the song as well as a printable for you to print and laminate.


  1. I love this site. I am trying to teach my children the language at home and with Greek school. I was wondering if you knew of any "good morning" songs to do in Greek. I would love to start off a lesson with it.
    Thank you for blogging and I hope you continue.

  2. Thanks for the kind words joeys4me! How old are your children? I will definitely make a post on a good morning song in Greek. Thanks for the suggestion!

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