Friday, October 28, 2011

Greek4Kids Halloween style!

Today we had a lovely time at Greek4Kids making our very own Halloween sets!

We used glue to stick the sets on orange and black construction paper and we made our boy, girl and cat characters stand.

Then we told a story of the two kids going trick or treating in the enchanted forest! The kids enjoyed making their own set and were fascinated by the Halloween story (told in Greek).

For our Halloween craft we used Made by Joel's Trick or Treat Paper City Halloween Craft Template . Lovely ideas for toys as well as arts and crafts projects!

Thanks to Emma's Lunch for the awesome photos of our Halloween story scenes!

Happy Halloween everyone!


  1. These were a great success! Emma got home and spent half an hour playing with these, making up stories in Greek! Lovely!

  2. Hi this sounds like a fun idea but can you tell me what story you read to the kids? Thank you

    1. Dear Tony,

      Thanks for your comment.

      On Halloween we usually read Meg and Mog's Fancy Dress book for Halloween, translated and adapted by me to suit my classes' needs.

      Here is the book:

      The story about the boy and the girl going trick or treating in the enchanted forest is a story/mini play we made up during the lesson based on the Halloween craft we did.